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Derwent Lightfast: pencils with oil!

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If you don’t develop yourself,you will be lost! I don’t know where i heard about this saying,but there is nothing more true.The innovation is always been a cornerstone of famous english pencils maker firm Derwent,which throughout its more than century old history,has always combined quality and innovation. The last creatures of Derwent are pencils Lightfast. What would they be? In my opinion the most innovative pencils in the world. After an intense research activity over the years,Derwent has maneged to make the first and only pencil in the world oil-based! Yes you read right! They are colored pencils 100% light-resistant featured by a smooth graphite with a creamy velvety texture,created especially to fulfill the wishes of the most demanding artists. What artist never dreamed about a pencil that imitates oil colours? They aren’t like oil colours of course, but their tonalities brillant and incredibly intense will not leave you indifferent,trust me. Derwent claimed that artworks made by pencils Lightfast, if stored in museum conditions,do not fade up to one hundred year,but perhaps they can last even more,after all they are so new that anyone can know their real resistence over time. 

The range Lightfast includes 72 tonalities well-balanced,miscible,bright and intense like no other pencil in the world!You can admire them in chart below:

Their versatily will amaze you! Thus do not limit yourself to use them like any other pencils,because they are special pencils. Try them on different kind of paper,not only the white one, but use colored paper as well, they can really give special effect thanks to their opacity and covering power!

You can use them dry and they will give you excellent result,due to their perfect graphite which hardly will break when you sharpen them,otherwise you can use solvent for oil paint,as you would do with oil pastels,in order to obtain pictorial effects that will amaze your eyes,also because with these pencils you won’t limits to fantasy.

They are available in size from 12,24,36 and 74 pieces; i suggest you as always, to start with a middle way,that is the format from 24 that allows you a great creative possibilities immediately. In the photo below you can admire the format from 24:

Derwent Lightfast is synonymous with innovation and quality to the ultimate power! You can use them in classic way or mixed media and they will give you great satisfaction,this is guaranteed. So dear artists,what are you waiting for?Let yourself be carried away by the emotions that only Derwent Lightfast may give you.Saying that,i make an appointment with you to the next post  and wishing you good art!     

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