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About Me

About Me

Andy Acuz…who is he? Good question. Actually this is not my real name,but just my stage name or pseudonym. I have chosen a stage name because i find out( on Facebook) with great amazement, that my real name is very popular.What’s my real name? Andrea Zucca. How could it be such name and surname so common? I really don’t know, i believed to be unique in the world! Thus in order to avoid  any confusion with my several homonyms,i preferred turn me into Andy Acuz that for an artist sound better,or not? I am a painter/ artist by chance, in the sense that i never had any talent for drawing and painting. I know it sound strange, but i started to paint  because of manga/cartoon Dragon Ball ( you can see the proof in the page “First Drawing/Dragon Ball”) As i said until 18 years old  for me drawing was a taboo…i used to be terrible at it and to be honest i didn’t like art at all,and now it’s my life! I really don’t know if this is Destiny or something but since,for fun,i started to copy some drawing from Goku and company i never stopped. Actually, at first, i wanted to become a comics artist then during the years, i became more and more passionate about paint putting aside for the moment the Ninth Art, even though from time to time i try again to draw something about comics( i don’t give up easily) No one believed in me,anyone(family including) could imagine or would have bet that i could have learned by myself (without any Master) to drawing and even to painting with Oil colours. I believed in myself and keep on believing, trying out always new genres, styles and art techniques. Where could reach my art? I really don’t know,i just know that an adventure casually started continues to evolve day by day..for the rest let’s wait and see.

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