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Seven Wonders of Ancient World/Pyramid of Cheopes

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I think almost everyone have heard at least once in a lifetime,perhaps accidentally,about Seven Wonders of World but actually what would are they? They are architectural and artistic works that in the Greek Roman world were considered the most important and outstanding works of all mankind. All these amazing buildings were built over two thousand years ago and sadly they have been visible  at the same time for just twenty four years! Fate of Seven Wonders was not magnanimous at all indeed nowadays only the Great Pyramid of Cheopes is still standing despite it is the most ancient wonder! In this post i want to talk about just of the Great Pyramid,however first of all i would like to remember the other six wonders of which i will speak in next articles.

The list of the other six wonders includes: Hangings Gardens of Babylon, Temple of Artemis, Statue of Zeus at Olympia,Mausoleum of Halicarnassus,Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse of Alexandria likewise located in land of Egypt as the Great Pyramid. 

Pyramid of Cheopes also called Pyramid of Khufu( from egyptian name) is the most ancient of Seven Wonders and it is the only  still visible. Originally its height was about 146 meters but nowadays has been reduced to about 139 meters as a result of erosion phenomena due to atmospheric agents. Such amazing structure has been the artificial costruction highest in the world for more than 3800 years untill the buildings of Lincoln Cathedral in England. Initially was covered with white smooth limestone that probably had the function to reflect warm light of Egypt so that pyramid could be sighted from hundreds of kilometers away. There are many controversial theories about  the building of Great Pyramid; egyptologists and overall academics affirm that the huge pyramid structure have been built in a period of approximately of twenty years by thousands and thousands of slaves which would have rolled those enormous blocks with the help of tree trunks and then lift them up to those heights because of ropes and ancient pulleys! Several people are not so sure of the official version and they ask themselves how it was possible transport and lift 2 million and three hundred thousand blocks of limestone and granite weighed around 2.5 tons during those times where it is assumed that technology could not be able to perform such titanic task because that’s what this is is all about! An unbelievable task who have been unable to accomplish not even engeneers and architects nowadays ,despite they be able to count to the help of ultra modern technologies! Yes many people have tried to rebuild,in our time, the Great Pyramid without succeeding. Can you really believe that ancient egyptinan had such advanced technology more than four thousand years ago? Maybe do they were smarter than us or immeasurably stronger? What logic explanation can have the building of such engineering prodigy? Sometimes we look for just logic and rational explanations maybe because  those explanations so called imaginative and science-fiction are incovenient and can be scary.In my humble opinion sometimes it seems to me that rational and official  explanations are more science-fiction because really we can’t explain how it was possible that they could lift blocks so heavy to almost 150 meters high with such perfection that does not allow even a knife blade to pass between one block and another. How strong need to be ancient egyptian in order to built such structure?   

The truth is that no one can answer these questions and i repeat no one,not even experts,archaeologists,egyptologists,academicians,not even pundits,since they know well that give an unambiguous answer would be impossible and extremely opinioneted! The  only possible approach when you find yourself in front of such prodigies of ancient engineering,real miracles of ingenuity of ancient civilizations, would be to keep an open mind to whatsoever possible expalnation even those fantastical and science-fiction that too often are ridiculed and hastly set aside as unlikely and pathetic “conspiracy theories”that are in fashion nowadays! I do not consider myself in any way supporter of  conspiracy theories and i don’t see conspiracies everywhere but as curious and open minded person what i think i am, i cannot be satisfied of official version that tell us “the joke” that talk about slaves which roll huge blocks with tree trunks ropes and pulleys,because in order to build such prodigy it takes quite different knowledge! In these cases are needed truly very advanced knowledge both physics and engineering as well as an uncanny ability to coordinate movements and a perfect use of work force because just one slightest mistake and those behemoths blocks could have crush like bugs those poor slaves who carried them!

Pyramid of Cheopes

Usually when you analyze such buildings,there are no absolute truths but purely and simply assumptions; it is enough to think that even according to experts the Great Pyramid is“in all likelihood” the tomb of pharaoh Khufu or from his most famous greek name Cheopes: “in all likelihood” does not at all mean “for sure” since there are no certainties  in these fields! We bear in mind that has never  been found neither the tomb nor the mummy of Cheopes despite in 1989 has been discovered inside the pyramid of Cheopes an ancient mummy (now preserved in London) dates more than 4400 years ago,which however no one knew who he was, certainly not Pharaoh since in the King’s Chamber nothing has never been found and even less in the Queen Chamber!  Empty sarcophagi,no inscription,no decorations on the walls,no hieroglyph nothing at all; someone even suggested  that actually pyramid was not a tomb but something else! All so called half-truths that we are told in history books are just hypotheses no more no less; the difference is made by the category of persons which make certain assumptions rather than other. If you dare to mention any interference of possible extraterrestrial civilization there is a risk of being insulted as a “conspiracy nut” and woe to dare to propose an alternative hypothesis to the official one like maybe the presence of giant humans(that moreover are mentioned in the Bibble) which could haul those huge blocks with less effort. Why is it so difficult accept the fact that in all likelihood we are not alone in the universe and that thousands of years ago some extraterrestrial civilization was able to visit our planet and make an essential contribution to knowledge and evolution of mankind? Why do we blindly believe in religions,in God and so forth and when we talk about a possible existence of intelligence civilizations outside of our small planet (lost in a small galaxy called Milk Way),you are derided ridiculed and treated as crazy conspiracists,visionary and that maybe watch too many science-fiction movies! Who has ever seen God? Where is concrete proof of God’s existence? Nonetheless billions of people believe in it without doubt and without asking any question,while if we talk about aliens,spaceships,ancient astronaut and so on they mock us like idiots! Aliens have always been relegated to funny science-fiction movies good to spend a few hours relaxing but they are never taken seriously indeed we always talk about them for fun,as if we have explored the whole universe which moreover is infinite; we haven’t even explored the vastness of the oceans not to mention universe! Each year are discovered new species of animals and vegetable both on solid ground and oceans so  do we truly believe that immensity of the universe with its countless galaxies,stars and planets are unable to host life?  

It would be even theory of survivors of the mythical island of Atlantis which would host an advanced civilization the origin of which are wrapped in a deepest mystery! Actually we don’t even know if Atlantis really existed, indeed it is mentioned just by Greek philosopher Plato in the famous dialogues “Timaeus and Critias”. No real evidence have never been found about existence of a big island in the heart of the Atlantic ocean but it doesn’t mean thai it never really existed,who knows that someday someone will find some proofs about its existence,you can never tell.

What to say then about theory under which Pyramids of Giza allegedly were oriented along with main stars of Orion’s belt. If it were really confirmed it would be really a smoking gun about incredible and deep knowledge of the cosmos by the ancient egyptian. Many people disagree even with such hypothesis branding it with superficiality as pure randomness that confirm the sad statistics that embodies modern man as an being with a mentality more and more closed and dumbed down in spite of the technological, medical and scientific progress. 

Summarizing who built the most ancient wonder of ancient world? Who made this engineering miracle that after more than four thousand years still stands? The brilliant architect Hemiunu supported by thousands of slaves or some mysterious extraterrestrial civilization came from who knows what deep space or perhaps survivors of mythical Atlantis? All the hypotheses are possible when you don’t have hard proofs that leave no room to no other possibility.None of us were there when works to build the Great Pyramid were in progress there were neither cameras nor smartphones that were able to record the real builders of such immortal masterpiece; the only certain thing is that the Great Pyramid will still be there for many centuries and when we’ll all be gone and  we will be completely forgotten,such amazing building will continues to fascinate billions of people all over the world thanks to its magnificient as well as to that unfathomable aura of mystery which will be never solved yet! 

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