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The first book in history

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You know books are very important tools of knowledge in history of mankind but where they came from? Without writing we can’t have books but how did born writing?Writing appeared after paint, without which can’t exist alphabet! The first letters of alphabet were extracted from cave paintings and from there, during the centuries, writing has been developing. Writing has changed the world for ever and books too!

When we talk about books we should remember that there was a special book which really changed history of mankind and such book was the first one which was printed in history! Do you remember which was? No? Well,so i should remember you,it was a Bible and it was printed on 23 Febraury 1455 !

First Book printed in history,Bible

The great man which had the merit to printed the first book in history was named Johannes Gutemberg. He was a german printer  and his invention gave the green to the press of the books all over the world. Gutemberg was able to print a circulation of 180 copies which had a great success! Gutemberg  devoted himself to experimenting ,already in 1440, to make an artificial writing but only in 1450 his system was perfected to provide a commercial exploitation.

His idea was to build matrices of each letters of alphabet in order to print any kind of text in every way along with the great possibility to print several copies in a very short time compared to manuscript books.

Gutemberg started the composition of first printed book but for financial reasons it was printed by printmaker Peter Schöffer in 1455. The Bible with 42 lines in gothic characters was put up for sale in Francoforte and it took three years to complete all 180 copies! 

This man has changed for ever history of writing indeed, since then, people were able to find and buy books everywhere! It gave a great impetus to culture and a huge development to civilization all over the world! If we can read books and buy them as well ,we should thank to such great man of which we don’t know much about his life but with his invention has improved  our lives and all lives of people in the past and in the future!

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