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Derwent watercolours: the dream of every artist!

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Have you ever dreamed to hold in your hands the control of pencil along with softness of watercolours? With watercolours pencils the dream come true! Ok perhaps you are thinking that watercolours pencils are not so new and you are right! Indeed they are on art market for several years,but this kind of pencils that i’m going to tell you about, in my opinion,are the best! Why? Simply they are made by famous english firm Derwent, leader in the production far back as 1832! You know, there is even a museum,the Derwent Pencil Museum and it is situated in Keswick,in the north west of England and attracts about 80.000 visitors per years…not bad! In 1916 a second firm was opened to expand production while the first colored pencil was introduced into the market in 1936! Do you think they are experienced enough to satisfy the needs of artists? I think…yes they are!   

These pencils are not just a pencils ,they are pure poetry. Is it too much? No,i don’t think,try them and then tell me. The intensity of the colour is unparalleled,their graphite of 3,5 mm is smooth and pigmented like few others, it will flow in the sheet of paper with ease, giving you from the very beginning fantastic sensations.Try them dry and they will be brillant and intense,try them wet with a brush for watercolur and they will become delicate and soft while preserving an amazing chromatic intensity! Experience as you like,you can use them as expressionist and immediate effects  or more detailed and delicate,their versatility will amaze you!      

72 tonalities brillant, intense and resistence to light due to their high pigmentation,what more could you want? You can start to feast your eyes with the chart below:

You find them available in size from 12,24,36 and 72 pieces! I’d suggest you to start with the format from 12 pieces if you don’t want to spend too much or if you are not convinced by the product,even though actually the ideal would be the size from 24 pencils,perfect to draw from the beginning amazing drawings!

You can admire them below:

So,did you choose? Whatever your choise the pencils Derwent Watercolours never let you down,rest assured!

As always, i wish you good painting and see you at the next article!

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