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What are the best oil pastels in the world?

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If you want to understand the quality of a product you need to try it out or you have to trust to the ones who tried it before you! I tested the product of which i’m going to talk about and,you can believe me,in their category they are the best! What is it? It can be deduced from the title of article, i am reffering to oil pastels! What are these particular means of artistic expression? They are basically soft pastels with an addition of oil ligament that make them similar to oil colours and they give to artist endless possibilities!

Returning to the initial discourse,what are the best oil pastels? What brand stands out compared to others? I tested so many brands more or less good some also excellent,but no one has impressed me like Sennelier! Oil pastels Sennelier are the best in the world, i have no doubt about! It would be enugh to buy just one of them (because you can find them even unpacked) and you could compare them with other brands! Oil pastels Sennelier are really superstars in their category,they are not comparable to any other brand.They are soft, creamy,bright,intense and they’re made up with high quality pigments; they will fulfill all artists dreams insofar as they flow on paper with an amazing naturalness. Their high pigmentation make them ultra-resistant to light and flowing of time as well. Try them out in the way you like because their versatility is limitless. You can dilute them with trementine or odorless diluent who would use for oil colours,making interesting painting effects and then maybe you can retouch them again,and leave them fresh and brilliant in order to revive all artwork. They fit well even for mix media drawing; try them out for istance,with gouache colours,colored inks,acrylics but even with classic oil colours,there is no limits to fantasy and desire to experiment. Their extreme ease to use make them ideal for beginners who will be able to create intense and brilliant works from the very beginning. 

Oil pastels Sennelier are available in 120 colours,of which 110 are classic and 10 are iridescent. Tonalities are includes both opaque and trasparent and this is perfect for artists familiar with mixes also because these wonderful pastels are so soft that they can be mix on palette; they can also be applied with a palette knife as you would do with classic oils. On the market they are available in boxes from 6,12,24,48, and 72. If you’re not convinced yet,you can start with box from 6 pieces or you can buy them unpacked one by one, depending on your needs. Take a look to the picture below and you will realize of absolute beauty of these fantastic pastels.

If you are still not convinced,or perhaps you don’t believe me maybe you will change your mind after knowing the story that led to the birth of oil pastels Sennelier! It was the distant 1949 when painter Henri Goetz asked to Henri Sennelier to make new pastels for his friend,someone called Pablo Picasso, already then rather famous,which;he was dazzled by expressive possibilities of this noble medium for painting. If you want to follow the footsteps of Picasso and you’re finally convinced to try oil pastels Sennelier,you will not regret for sure,ideed you will have in your hands an historic product that was born because of collaboration with famous artists and since then it kept an incredible quality standars! Hoping, as always, that this post can be useful to clear head to beginner artists, i conclude wishing you good paint and see you later!                    

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