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How to avoid fast drying with acrylics

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Acrylic colours are so cool and versatile kind of paint that allows painters to achieve several different pictorial effects. One of the most important features about acrylic paint concerns fast drying times which allow artists to complete their artworks in short time compared to oil colours! Sometimes however there are paintings that require more time to get some effects or to paint some details. Some artists indeed complain about fast drying of acrylic paint. You must be very fast and painting very quickly before paint dries. It can be a weak point and it depends what type of paint you are painting. Some artists wish to have more time to think before acrylic colours dry,so in this post i will tell about some tricks to avoid fast drying with acrylics.

Art market is very prosperous and there are always some new product lauched by brands that want to improve artist experience  all over the world; from this desire is born industry of medium to paint. There are medium for all kind of paint but in this post we talk about only to medium for acrylic paint.


Medium are nothing else than auxiliary products that help painter to get special effects impossible to achieve without them. One of these medium may slow fast drying time of acrylic colours allowing artist to work with more ease. There are so many medium to paint in art market especially for acrylic colours as much that sometimes it is not easy to choose the right product that better fits our needs. The best product that can help us to slow fast drying of acrylics is called “Slow Dry Medium” and now we’ll see how to use it!


As name suggests such medium manages to help artists to work more calmly indeed it allow more work time with. There are many brands that sell these kind of medium as Liquitex,Winsor and Newton,Lenfranc Bourgeois,Lukas ,Talens and many others. It’s up to you to choose the brand you like also because all these brands are really good and trusted! 

Let’s see now how to use it properly.Slow Dry Medium must be mixed with acrylic colour in order to increase drying time. It is enough to add just 5% of medium and mix it  carefully with a palette-knife along with colour. Such medium can increase drying time up to 40% and it may be really useful for those artists that need more time to work with colour.  Moreover this type of medium improves transparency of colour. I reccomend you to mix such medium slowly and carefully in order to avoid  foaming. If you notice bubble formation you can just leave the mixture until they will fade away.


Slow Dry Medium is useful not just to increase drying time but also will allow you to save colour and thus also money! Even though it can seems simple to use be carefully to add low medium to acrylic colour and you will see that results will be great! Hoping that this post can help you out i conclude as always with “have a good paint! ” 

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