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What are the best acrylic colours in the world?

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Have you ever asked yourself what are the best acrylic colours used by professionist artists? I wondered that several times and after a less or more long search i found the answer! Let’s say that it’s not easy to unravel among the myriad of brands on the art market,the only way would be to test the best brands buying the main colours of the palette, otherwise the smartest and luckiest solution would be to find an article that suggest the best brand so as to avoid wasting time and money. If you are reading this article so you are lucky,because after testing several brands of acrylic colours(some really good,other not so) i confirmed another time the superiority of the products by Winsor and Newton!   

Have you ever heard about Winsor and Newton- Professional Acrylic? No? So keep reading you will find out the only acrylic colours able to compete with oil paint in terms of brillance and intensity of colour and ,trust me, it’s not an exaggeration!   

The fantastic feature of the specific colours is that they’re not brillant only when they’re wet,but even when they are dry,and it is not common for a acrylic colours! All this has been possible due to high pigmentation of colour and a high percentage of colour mono-pigment,but not only insofar as it has been used a new technology which allows to the resin to dry equally remaining translucid and brilliant,so you won’t find no difference in tonality between wet colour and dry colour! It is no small feat to avoid that bitter feeling of decrease of hue when paint is dry (whoever paint knows it well); therefore it will be easier to identify the various tonalities when you paint saving time and colours with an amazing  final result!

Below you can admire the wonderful chart of hues by Winsor and Newton-Professional Acrylic:

80 brilliant and intense hues,unbelievably resistence to light. Colours are available in tubes of 20 ml, 60 ml and even super tube of 200 ml that you can see below:   

You should buy Titan White always in large size because,you know,it is essential to brighten tonalities and it’s always useful in large quantities. Because of their consistency dense and buttery these kind of colours are perfect to work with “impasto  technique” ,indeed one of their features is to keep brush strokes and palette knife to create and interesting texture effects. Another important and remarkable feature that differentiates Professional-Acrylic from other brands of acrylic colours lies in the fact that once you open tubes of colours they have a longer lifespan and workability 20% longer compared to the average of all acrylic colours of the art market. This means that with these kind of acrylics you’ll save colour and also money and you will have a final result much better as quality compared to paintings made with other arylics brand.  Artworks painted with these type of colours can really rival with oil colours in terms of beauty, intensity and luminosity. 

The best-selling and convenient shapes  of these outstanding colours are the ones from 60 ml that you can see in the photo below:

There are also tubes from 20 ml that i would reccomend to those who approach for first time to acrylic paint, so you can test colours and then to consider the possible purchase of larger sizes:

Here for you the small sizes of 20 ml in the photo below:

Well,saying that it’s up to you to choose the size that suits you and that surely will not disappoint the expectations neither aspiring artist nor professional artist. Before closing i would like to give you a hint that can be interesting for those who love artistic experimentation.You can try to mix acrylics Winsor and Newton Professional-Acrylic with oil colours Artisan  water-mixable…you can get amazing paintings…guaranteed!   

Hoping that this article can be useful to as many people as possible,i wish you (as always) good painting with the best acrylic colours in the worldWinsor and Newton Professional-Acrylic!  

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