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Oil paint super fast…that’s how!

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Oil paint super fast… but can it? Of course! Say it like that it can seem weird,but with a special kind of colours you can really get a oil paint fast and efficient. Can it be fast like acrylic paint? No,come on ,let’s not exaggerate,acrylic colours remain  unbeatable in terms of  drying speed,but with some kind of colours of the latest generation, you can make a oil painting within a very short time compared to traditional oil. Have you ever heard about alkid colours? No? Well,so i  really talk to you about them.        

What are alkyd colours? Good question to which it will follow a simple answer. They are oil colours neither more nor less. What would be their uniquennes? Well,their pigments are ground with linseed oil,or poppy oil,depending on the pigment,with extra addition of modified alkyd resin…that’s why they’re named alkyd colours. These are the fastest oil colours in the world,this is ensured. Consider that they stay wet for about 6-8 hours,but anyway allow you to paint “wet on wet”,with the advantage that the next day the paint layer will be dry,shiny and smooth; they’re perfect also for “fat over lean” technique. They’re very useful in the case of someone commission you an oil painting to deliver within a very short time. You can safely mix them with traditional oil colours and dilute them with normal solvent.So don’t be afraid to dilute alkyd colours with linseed oil or poppy oil or whatever you prefer and that fits to your way of painting. Then imagine if in addition to classic linseed oil you added a little bit of Liquin…it would become simply the most super fast oil paint nowadays!

Which is the best brand that make alkyd colours?Well,according to many experts,it’s Winsor and Newton; historic brand that is well known around the world,always attentive to the innovation. Colours are sold in tubes of 37 ml in 48 hues well-balanced,brillant and resistant over time. There are also tubes from 200 ml

Below you can admire the chart of the magnificent 48  alkyd hues by Winsor and Newton Griffin Alkyd! 

Wonderful,don’t you think? I can assure you that after using them,i didn’t find any difference with classic oil colours,in fact they have the same intensity,luminosity,trasparency and opacity of traditional ones; colours like burnt sienna or burnt umber are fantastic as well as  cadmium or blue colours but  really all hues are outstanding and reliable.

Do you have little time to paint,but don’t you want to quit luminosity and intensity of oil paint? So you should try alkyd colour Griffin Alkyd by Winsor and Newton. You will not regret! Furthermore the paint layer of alkyd colours once dry ,it will be ultra resistant to cracking much more than classic colours, with the only contraindication that you must hurry up more than usual to wash the brushes because of fast grip of alkyd resin that make up colours.   

I would like to conclude this article,as always, wishing you good panting and with this photo below about 37 ml tubes colours of the range Griffin Alkyd by Winsor and Newton!


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