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How to dilute oil colours without turpentine

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How? Really? No,it is not possible!Can you really dilute oil colours without turpentine? The answer is… YES, YOU CAN! Are you looking for a way to avoid that pungent and at times unbearable smell of turpentine? You are in the right place!

First of all, what is turpentine? Well, it is just a plant resin ,oily,fluid,volatile,with a clear look that is taken out from a large family of trees called Coniferous.

Actually in the oil paint is used Oil of Turpentine,that we can use to dilute oil colours mostly in the early stages of painting. Oil of turpentine is obtained by distilling turpentine,indeed. It is called also white spirit to distinguish it from petroleum spirit.

The issue is another ,though…oil of turpentine smells horrible! Perhaps someone can find even pleasant that pungent odor of conifer resin,but let’s say the truth,it is not really healthy. This liquid is toxic by inhalation(very dangerous by ingestion) so i strongly suggest you: NEVER use it in closed rooms…i repeat NEVER! If you really cannot miss turpentine then you should use it to paint “en plain air”,in the countryside,seaside,in the garden,by the lake; in coclusion use it wherever you want,but always outdoor or,at most, in open and airy spaces.

As concern the colours dilution,let’s say that experience taught me that turpentine is too aggresive ,indeed diluted too much oil colours that becomes too lean, tending to drip on the surface of the painting.

So,what to do? You could use petroleum spirit…yes …in theory but,,,don’t do that! Why? Well,it has the same contraindication of turpentine,i mean it diluted in a excessive way oil colours! So it would take some kind of diluent not too smelly,little toxic,not aggressive and well-balanced to dilute oil colours…but does it really exist? It’s called “Solvent Sansodor“made by Winsor and Newton and yes… it really EXIST! It is a great solvent  really without odour. It is ideal for closed environments to paint during cold season when you can’t paint outdoors. Essentially it’s a refined petroleum distillate free from aromatic substances,colourless and with a solvent power moderate and well-balanced. It evaporates without leaving any residue,with a long-term storage and above all,most important thing,is not harmful to health! What more could you want?

I introduce it to you with this photo below in size from 75 ml:

Oh,of course there are also size from 250 ml, 500 ml and even 1 litre container…that’s up to you! Well,with that,it only remains for me to conclude this article hoping that can be useful to someone and wishing you good painting with Solvent Sansodor!

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