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How to avoid opaque areas with Standoil

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Hey guys! In the previous article i wrote “how to avoid opaque areas” on a oil painting, do you remember? Well now it’s time to reveal the second solution to solve this annoying issue. 

Have you ever heard about standoil? No? Well,no problem i’m here for you,to show you how important is this amazing medium. It is so important that i must dedicate an entire post for it,for now i can tell you that it will be an awesome ally against those terrible opaque areas! 

Its viscosity,density and slow drying makes it ideal to restore brightness on the surface of the painting. In the photo below you can see an example of Standoil :   

Its consistency is like honey, so i recommend you to use it in a small amout because you don’t need a big quantity of it and moreover it may leak.

The brand on the pic above is the famous Blockx, one of the best brand in the world for art supplies, but you can choose the brand you want: Winsor and Newton,Old Holland,Micheal Harding,Maimeri, Lukas, Williamsburg,there are so many great brands in a art market that you can be spoiled for choise!

If you don’t know all of these brands that i mentioned, no worries i will dedicate in the future a great post for all of them. 

Despite the amazing efficiency of standoil there is always a small percentage of failure, like in every things in life.

This can happen when canvas isn’t  good quality or there were too many retouching on painting that make inevitable opaque areas!  Usually this happen in artworks that require many details which involve continuos adjustaments. Thus sometimes can happen that even standoil can contrast those persistent opaque stains!

You can’t take much more of this, frustation takes over so much that you wish to give up painting! Wait a minute! Don’t do that! There is another solution to solve this awful issue and it will be final and decisive! What is it? Well, you must be patience because you will discover it in the next article! Good painting to all and of course, see you later! 

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