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Talens van Gogh: amazing oil colours!

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Let me guess,you are looking for oil colours with the best price/quality ratio ,aren’t you? So you are in the right place because i’m going to talk about a brand colours perfect for you: Talens van Gogh! No,they weren’t designed by the famous dutch painter Vincent van Gogh,but actually Netherland is included in the meaning of the speech.Why?Well, Royal Talens is an ancient dutch company, specialized in the production of colours and founded in Amsterdam back in 1899! This firm has always been able to reivent itself during the years and it offers a wide range of products both for beginners artists and professional ones. Simply a perfect mix between innovation and tradition. They make everything not just oil colours but also acrylics,watercolours,pastels,colored pencils,gouaches,markers,inks not to mention auxiliary for paint ,canvases,paper,and even easels!  

However in this article,we will focus only about oil colours Talens van Gogh.They are fine oil colours characterized by an high pigmentation that makes the product brilliant and stable to light like few other oil colours in art market. Their buttery consistency make them extremely versatile, indeed they can be used with any technique: fat over lean,impasto,wet on wet,alla prima or with thin glazing…it’s up to you!

van Gogh

They are perfectly miscible togheter without any problem of chemical changes over the time; they fit with any support and any brush. So try them not just on classic canvas but also on paper,carboard,masonite,wood,but make sure dont’ forget to treat the surface of any support  with acrylic gesso to avoid a bad absorption of oil.

Talens van Gogh fall in the low-medium price range,but with really amazing quality that allows even to beginner,who doesn’t have enough confidence with oil paint,to achieve a very good results.  

In the chart below you can admire the wonderful 66 tonalities brilliant and uniform,that waiting for to be used  just by artist like you!

Outstainding,right? Tonalities are perfectly balanced and include opaque and semi-opaque colours,as well as trasparent and semi-trasparent.They are available in tubes from 20 ml,40 ml,60 ml,200 ml and even the maxi size of 500 ml that icludes whites and ivory black.

Below you can see a glimpse of different formats of Talens van Gogh!

So what are you waiting for? Oil colours Talens van Gogh can’t wait to be used by artists like you! As always i wish you good paint and see you at the next post! 

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