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Artists for a fee: artistic prostitution!

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All people have artistic potential and nowadays seemingly everyone can become famous,renowned and listed artist…you just need to pay! Money can do everything in our consumer and capitalist society; they buy love,power,glory and fame and it appears that they can buy also talent even though it consists of a fake talent argued by experts of rhetoric which act almost like door-to door salesman. They promote artists who pay good money for review by famous art critics that of course, ask for money to speak well of one artist rather than another who doesn’t bend to this vile system! So whoever even if devoid of talent,can take a canvas and maybe spit it out with a mix of rubbish,then they sell it as a genial masterpiece of modern art, paying a famous art critics to review it,afterwards they exhibit it in a gallery for a fee and the game is done! As cherry on top, perhaps such canvas can become viral in social like Instagram,always for a fee,and here you are served the new circus freak of modern art of which innovative works will be put up to auction at a cost of millions,enriching both presumed artist and all people around that have made it famous! 

These are new phenomenona of modern art despite there are real undiscovered talent all around the world that will have to fight fiercely to make their way in this modern art world full of looters and profiteers. Will there still be honest people in such rotten world of modern art? I think yes,but sadly it seems that there are few left. Artist that pays to make his way in the art world is not a true artist and never it will be( even he will become famous) mostly because he doesn’t really believe in himself,since if one person is sure of the value of its work,it won’t need to compromise. Such so called artist,are driven just by desire to make money and be someone which doesn’t fit with a real spirit of artist that is moved by passion and not by business end in itself. Being an artist for a fee is neither more nor less than a type of artistic prostitution than hurt them and all art world!

I believe that in the end only time,which is always the best judge,will tell who is a true artist and who was just a “commercial artist”,that maybe became even rich,but that he wasn’t  able to reniew himself over the years, still continuing to paint always the same works that allowed him to sell regularity and so to get rich.   

Quite a few cases in which genious artists like van Gogh have been mistreated in their lives and ridiscovered,as it happens,only after death.It is not always the fault of the critics,be clear, sometimes there are artists so far ahead of  historic period in which they lived,that they have not been understood even by great experts of art history and much less by their peers! It is not easy to be an artist,to be coherent,being yourself always and in any case,but at least we need to try. First of all true art is freedom of expression,a true artist doesn’t look for only beauty and perfection,but usually speaks often about yourself ,about his inner world,about his mind and try to communicate his intimate and deepest thoughts  through his own work as an artist! To be an commerciant or to be an artist? Being yourself always and in any case at any cost until the very last…i choosed  that way…and you…what will you choose?   

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