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Scams of Art: photo or painting?

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In the fantastic and vibrant world of Modern Art you compete to create something new,something new seen before to draw attention of art critics,gallerists,curators,art dealers and potential buyers. Very often not to say too often,it is left aside quality in favour of unlikely innovations to try to stand out in order to acquire a sudden notoriety not always justfied from the real value of artist. They look for,as stated,novelty that can be something able to stand out aspiring new star of art from the crowd of anonymous artists which perhaps painting even good things but they can’t amaze viewer,they can’t shock and so they are meant to remain good artists,sometimes even great,but neverthless anonymous. Lately so-called hyperrealist paintings are trending and their goal is to imitate perfectly photography in order to make believe observers that they are watching a photo instead of a oil painting. What’s the point to paint in order to imitate a photo? Photos are already beautiful in themselves they no need to be imitate, right? Just browse through the photo album to bring out the most beautiful memories. 

Hyperrealism born in the late sixties in the United States with the purpose to depict on canvas reality in all its details even though such “reality” relied strictly on photos thus were created paintings very similar to photos. The largest part of these artworks are painted with oil colours on extrafine linen canvans,but are not uncommon acrylic paintings or mixed media,the main point is to reach perfection of digital photo and if it is possible perhaps go beyond as well. Looking some of these artworks in fact ,you may be speechless for their resemblance to photos,they not even seem to be painted if you observe them at a certain distance,you need to get close to notice the light and skilful brushstrokes of artist! These artists are gifted by a superlative technique that they developed over the years ,as well as they got a patience to be envied to Job,since it takes months of work to complete these artworks ,sometimes even years. Hyperrealism can not like to everyone of course and there is who critics it for the lack of creativity,for the coldness of artworks and even for an excess of technique,quite impressive,but aim in itself. Without doubt these artists deserve respect for their  amazing work and for such coherence that lead them to  compete with digital eye of camera.     

The issue of hyperrealism arise with an alarming spread of fake paintings made by fake artists which aim to get rich quick and pretend to be a new genious of modern art! These pseudo artists sell as oil paintings simple photos printed on canvas and retouched here and there with oil colours. In theory there wouldn’t be anything wrong  printing a photo(usually with “plotter”) and then retouch it with oils as long as you sell it as retouched photo and not as oil painting! This is a full-blown scam that allows to these fake painters but real scammers,to get rich quick to detriment of real hyperrealist artists! As always the desire of money and success looking for shortcuts more or less smart,leads to the birth of such despicable phenomenon which should be nipped in the bud if there were more attention and information from sectors operators! Time, as we know,is always the best judge as true talented and honest artists will be  remembered in history,whereas miserable and petty scammers, in which there is nothing noble,will be relegated into oblivion as it should be.  

Before concluding,i would like to give you a tip: before buying a hyperrealist painting that seems painted by a genious of modern art, you should ask for a check from an expert, better if restorer,so you can avoid being scammed and to own an retouched photo instead of a oil painting.

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