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Pay to Exhibit: ignoble blackmail!

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Art world nowadays is not all sunshine and rainbows as someone might think, actually it is the exact opposite! In these last decades has taken over the insane trend to pay to exhibit their own artworks result of hard work! The question that every artist or such aspiring should ask yourself before fall into deception is as follow: “why do i have to pay to exhibit?” 

It appears that there are too many artists who don’t ask themselves any questions so they pay these presumed art galleries to exhibit their own works. I myself also received dozens of proposals to say the least indecent from so-“called galleries”which i declined without thinking twice.DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO THESE PEOPLE! DO NOT PAY TO EXHIBIT,NEVER DO THAT! There is no serious gallery that will ask for money to exhibit your artworks,since they make money from collaboration wit artists in which they believe,and the main task of these galleries would be to sell your artworks and take a percentage on the sale(with legal contract),it must be their only source of income,certainly do not require money to allow artists to show their artworks ! 

When you naive and deceived artists pay these ignoble galleries,you do nothing but feeding this odious and vicious circle of “artistic scam”,because that’s what it is! They fool you with their nice words by making a lots of fake praises about your work ,they talk about how great you are as artists,they will tell you that it is an great honor to exhibit in their prestigious galleries and that there are many chances to sell your artworks,too bad that they don’t care at all to sell your works because they already earn due to insane naivety of chump artists that pay to exhibit,sometimes even significant amounts. They will insist with the same old story that if you will exhibit in their famous cities will leads you to become a very famous and rich artist in a short time! How can a real artist fall in the trap? Having in the curriculum exhibition in several cities in prestigious galleries for a fee is not a source of pride,quite the contrary,it is better not exhibit at all,or at best it would be better take part in country fairs, local markets,everything but not these harmful galleries!

What would they do these eminent and cultured people without  hard and mistreated work of artist? What would they show in their prestigious galleries? Nothing at all,those galleries would be just useless empty rooms which no one would care. If artists did not exist, such honorable people should look for a new job in a hurry,rather than ask for money to artists!

We must put a stop to all this,do not fall in the trap ,do not let yourself get charmed by their fake and dull praises,you will never get rich and even less  famous exhibiting for a fee ,but you will be just the laughingstock of these unscrupulous gallerists! 

It would be more dignified and most likely more profitable if you sell your works on platforms like Ebay or Amazon. They will try to explain their requests for money,that they believe legitimate, by telling you that there are many expenses,like transport of the works,create and distribute catalogues to potential wealthy buyers,organize the inauguration of the exhibition with lots of costly vernissage (that you will pay),and they will say you that all this is just for your interest,not for them! Once one of these prestigious galleries,asked me something like 2000 $ to exhibit,you can easily guess my answer! There is only one way to change things and i guess you already understand it! Stop pay these parasite galleries that take advantage of the work of others,since if artists would stop to pay,these fake galleries would close their business in a hurry.We artists do not need to these people on the contrary, they need us! We should start a “New Revolution” that must begin from the refusal of these hateful scams! We artists should give up our useless individualism leaving aside fruitless jealousies and childish competitions “to see who is better and most genial”,because true art is not a competition with others but a challenge with yourself! As long as we are one against the other these parasites will win and they get rich with our hard work, but if one day we will have the courage to come together then we will be the winners because as they say,unity is strength!

We can change things if we really want and so at least we must try!    

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