April 2023

Arte Babilonese: il dopo Sumeri!

Dopo la civiltà e l’arte sumera un altra importante civiltà si sviluppa in Mesopotamia tra il Tigri e l”Eufrate ovvero  i Babilonesi! L’arte babilonese riprende gli antichi canoni estetici di quella sumera pur con qualche innovazione che soprattutto nell’ultimo periodo la differenzia dall’ arte sumera. Anche nell’arte babilonese si riscontrano  periodi distinti che sarebbero tre: […]

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History of Design

Design is the discipline that deals with creation of items both physical and digital as well as conceptual.The main goal of designer is to made objects functional and aestethics  to improve standar of living of mankind by meeting the needs, looking for solution to solve problems by suggest new ways of creation.It is not easy

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The Sardinian Ziggurat: Monte d’Accoddi!

And yes,between many wonders of art and sardinian archaeologist,there is even a ziggurat…the sardinian ziggurat called Prehistoric Alter of Monte d’Accoddi! The dating more probable stands between 4000 and 3500 B.C. This amazing archaeological site is located in subregion of Nurra in the municipality of Sassari. This altar pyramid-shaped that resembles very much ziggurat of

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